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Thread: International Driving License in Pakistan ??

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    International Driving License in Pakistan ??

    Hi! does anyone know how to get International driving license in Pakistan. I am going to UAE for job and I would need driving license. Please tell the procedures and documentations. regards

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    May 2012
    If you have a Pakistani Driving license, you can simply apply for an international license from the same licensing department. You would need the following documents.

    NTERNATIONAL LICENSE: Three Years Validity Period

    1. Required International Application Form within FileCover
    2. An attested copy of N.I.C.
    3. A copy of Valid Driving License
    4. A copy of Pakistani Passport valid for Atleast 6 Months with Visa.
    5. 2 attested photo graph (Passport Size)
    6. Rs. 66 Court Fee Ticket.
    7. Rs. 450 BankChallan Fee.

    Note: I. Applicant will bring his original N.I.C, Driving License and Passport with him.

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